Episode 2: Let's Get Organized!

This week Ben and Taylor talk about the tools that they used to stay organized!


Taylor - Welcome!

Our weeks

Switching carriers


Topic of the Day: Getting organized

What we use to get through information we receive and things we need to do


Google Inbox

Google Keep

Google Reminders


Todo Manager experiment?-  Todoist

Other note types

Google Docs

Text Editor (Visual Studio Code) and Markdown

iPad app - Notability


Trello- Projects



Hangouts Chat


Final Thoughts:

Net Neutrality

Vergecast from Thanksgiving to learn more


Questions? Thoughts?





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Episode 1: Choosing Technology

In Episode 1, we talk about how to choose technology, both personally and in Education. We talk about software often driving our hardware choices and why we chose to use what we do.


  • Ben Welcome to the first official Magecast and the second actual podcast. We are now available on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play Music, and Pocketcasts. Links in the show notes.

  • Your Week Taylor?

  • My week

Topic of the Day Choosing Technology

  • Story Ben was giving a preso that was canceled on this

  • How do you choose your tech Taylor?

    • Cross platform support

    • Ecosystem

  • How do I choose mine?

    • Android over iOS and Pixel vs other devices

    • ChromeOS and MacOS over windows Pixel and Macbook Pro

    • Chrome over other browsers I just use the webapps not often 3rd party

    • My Dad MacOS, Chromebook and Android Tablet

    • Non tech people should stick with what their “tech person” is willing to support

  • How do we choose tech as SNC? In K-12?

    • Year End Spenddown

  • How should you choose yours?

Final Thoughts:


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