Episode 2: Let's Get Organized!

This week Ben and Taylor talk about the tools that they used to stay organized!

Topic of the Day: Getting Organized
What we use to get through information we receive and things we need to do

Google Inbox
Google Keep
Google Reminders

Todo Manager experiment?-  Todoist

Other note types
Google Docs
Text Editor (Visual Studio Code) and Markdown
iPad app - Notability

Trello- Projects
Hangouts Chat

Final Thoughts:
Net Neutrality
Vergecast from Thanksgiving to learn more

Questions? Thoughts?

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Episode 1: Choosing Technology

Topic of the Day Choosing Technology

  • Story Ben was giving a preso that was canceled on this

  • How Taylor chooses tech

    • Cross platform support

    • Ecosystem

  • How Ben chooses tech

    • Android over iOS and Pixel vs other devices

    • ChromeOS and MacOS over windows Pixel and Macbook Pro

    • Chrome over other browsers I just use the webapps not often 3rd party

    • My Dad MacOS, Chromebook and Android Tablet

    • Non tech people should stick with what their “tech person” is willing to support

  • How do we choose tech as SNC? In K-12

  • How should you choose yours?

Final Thoughts:
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